2018 Goals and Theme of the Year

I’m definitely behind the times, but better late than never, right? Happy New Year everyone! We are officially half way through January 2018 and I thought I would take the time to talk about my plans and goals for this year! Last year I took a very long hiatus from the blog partially because I never got into a real blogging schedule and partially because I had a crazy year for my personal life. I had a year filled with job change, family health scares, unexpected losses, the return to school, and way more travel than I planned. My unplanned theme of 2017 ended up being lost in the middle of a typhoon, so this year I’m striving for a theme of balance and predictability. Keeping the goal of balance and predictability in mind, here are some of my overarching goals for [Read more...]

Seared Tofu for Vegetarian Meal Prep

Have you ever considered dabbling in the world of vegetarian proteins? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning how to cook tofu at home so that it doesn’t taste like a weird bland mass of soy muck? Either way, you’re in luck because today I am going to show you how to cook up some seared tofu and get that delicious, crisp exterior as well as give you some ideas to use this! It’s perfect for meal prepping ahead of time as well as comes together relatively quickly and easily if you’re wanting an easy meal option.   From what I can remember, I have always enjoyed tofu. My mom is vegetarian, so we had it fairly frequently throughout my childhood. Also, we went out to our favorite Thai restaurant pretty often after ballet and always ordered my mom’s favorite tofu dish (Tofu and [Read more...]

Lemon and Asparagus Risotto Recipe

Today we are going to make an asparagus risotto. Risotto is one of those things that is not overly complicated to make, but it does involve a little bit of baby sitting. Fortunately, it is well worth it for the delicious and creamy dish that you will have at the end.   I was in the grocery store the other day, just picking up one thing, but as usually happens when I go for one thing, I wandered around the store just to see what was there and walked out with more than I was planning. This included one pound of tender, gorgeous looking asparagus stalks. My husband is not big on asparagus, so luckily, I was able to prepare it however I wanted, which, after a little research, was decidedly in a risotto.   Risotto is an Italian rice dish. You make it with Arborio rice, [Read more...]

5 Ways to De-Stress

One of the things that I strive for in my life is balance. It’s not always an easy thing to achieve, especially when things are hectic! Learning how to handle and relieve stress has been one of the best things for my mental health and the nice thing is the things that help me are simple. Here are five of my favorite ways to de-stress and let off a little steam.   Take time to pamper yourself. There is something so relaxing about taking some time to focus on yourself. I usually do this by throwing a few handfuls of Epsom salts and some relaxing essential oils into a hot bath to relax for 20 to 40 minutes. I also try to take the opportunity to read something I have been wanting to, but haven’t had the time for. Finally, I love to do face masks when I am trying to wind down. [Read more...]

Fresh Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce Recipe

Sometimes I just crave something that is really fresh and light feeling, with really vibrant flavors, and that is easy to prepare. Let’s be honest, that’s usually what I’m craving, so I’ve had to be creative with my options because as much as I love salads as a go-to, I also love variety in my meals. These spring rolls are incredibly delicious, take very little cooking time, and fit the bill of light and fresh. Now, fresh spring rolls seem to be quite trendy, which may have always been the case, but when I was younger, I remember thinking that this meal was so original to my family and loving it! I loved being able to make my own food at the table and smearing my mom’s homemade peanut butter sauce (that’s what I thought of it as because it had peanut butter in it) down the middle of my [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Cheesy Potato Mounds

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! What are your plans for celebrating? Are you wearing your green? Whatever your plans, I hope you’re having fun! My plan is to make this a food-tastic event at home with these cheesy potato mounds! I don’t know what you think of when you think of St. Patrick’s Day, but I think of Irish food. To be specific, I think of potatoes. I know, there is way more to Irish food than just potatoes, but that’s just how my brain works (I go to the Irish Famine of 1845 to 1852 also sometimes referred to as the Great Potato Famine). Potatoes also happen to be one of those foods that I lust after when I am craving random things to eat, so this seems like a winning situation.   So, let’s just talk a little about my potato cravings. My wonderful husband is very [Read more...]

Dear 2016 A Recap of the Past Year

Dear 2016, Well, you certainly were an eventful year. You brought a lot of change into my life, which I wasn’t always sure how to deal with, but time kept on moving, as always. I accomplished some really huge things! I started my blog and I moved to a new state, both of which were huge, terrifying leaps of faith. I’m still trying to get onto level footing with both, but each day things get a little closer to being normal. Stephan and I were feeling pretty excited about driving through several states to our new home! We were feeling pretty good at this point since the drive had barely started. I was the sole supporter for Stephan and for me for several months this year. It was terrifying and also pretty exciting because I have always felt like we would sink if he wasn’t working. [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Hummus Recipe

I think I may have mentioned before that hummus is one of those foods that I may be slightly obsessed with. It’s creamy and delicious on pretty much everything (sandwiches, pita bread, veggies, a spoon—you know me). The other thing that I love about hummus is that it’s versatile and really easy to make, so you can tailor it to pretty much whatever flavors you are wanting at the time.   I usually like to use canned chickpeas for my hummus and rinse them before I use them, but I have been wanting to test out the dried ones for a while now, so as the chance had presented itself, I decided to head over to my local Sprout’s Farmer’s Market store and get some to test! In terms of cooking with them, the biggest difference is the amount of preparation they take. Because you have to [Read more...]

Quick Imitation Crab Recipe

There are some nights when I just don’t feel like working hard. I just want to lay on my couch eating takeout and gorging myself on delivery pizza or something involving fried delicious potato goodness. Because fries and pizza, in all their artery clogging glory, happen to be expensive and not so great to consume on a regular basis, I have found a few easy, delicious, and moderately healthier recipes to add to my arsenal. This one happens to be a really delicious imitation crab salad that I was introduced to by my mother-in-law.   I don’t remember the exact circumstances from which I first experienced this delectable dish, but it probably went a little something like this. Stephan and his brothers were working on a project for their family home. They had run back and forth to [Read more...]

3 Healthy and Quick Snacks

Full disclosure, I am a snacker. I eat pretty constantly throughout the day most of the time and when I don’t I become possessed by my hangry alter ego, who is completely unreasonable and almost doesn’t care to abide by my normal pescatarian preferences. When she comes out, all water buffalo and purple people out there, watch out. You have been warned! All joking aside though, I really do eat pretty constantly and am a much more functional human being when I am doing so. Snacking can be really great or really terrible depending on what you choose to eat, so why not go for some things that will make you feel great, stave off your hunger, and save a few water buffalo? Here are a few really easy summer snacks to try! Nuts and berries I love this because you only really need a small handful [Read more...]